Is Digisade the right program for you/

Digisade is a new digital currency program that was started by many of the past owners of United First Financial.

United First was a very successful program and many people benefited from paying down their mortgages with the UFF software program.

Enter Digisade, a new company brought to you by these same successful and diligent entrepreneurs.

This software will allow the average person to participate in the global market of digital currencies.

The marketplace has existed for 5 years now with the biggest name in DC being Bitcoin.  Holders of Bitcoin 2012 stood to literally make millions if they had purchased it at the right time per forbes magazine.

If you want to see my take on a good opportunity, you can watch it here:

What digisade offers is a simple software/hardware platform to allow the average person to participate in this very volatile and potentially profitable market place.

If you like the idea of allowing your computer to work for you 24/7 and earn another asset call digital currency (At least that is the way the IRS codes it) then jump on board and join us.

You see, there is no rhyme or reason why coins aka digital currencies go up and down but, they do and if you learn to mine them and earn them you could stand to make some money.

The potential is great as this program is just about to be launched to the masses, it is the best new mlm company in 2014.  If you need a sponsor who can help you market, feel free to contact me

Jump on board the digital currency train with Digisade, you can also get a digisade review here.






Construction loans in Sarasota and Bradenton FL

Where to start on a construction loan.  Below are some tips and tricks that may help you on your way to a success start and finish without too many surprises.

What are your choices? 
They vary by bank but here are a few choices;a  the 30 year fixed, 15 year fixed, 1 year ARM. The  may be other choices depending on the bank.  The best options usually come from mortgage brokers as they have the most reach with banks and can offer so many different choices to meet your needs. If you live in the bradenton sarasota
are and are looking for a construction to perm loan you can stop in and visit us at  We can handle all your needs.

One of the most  popular construction loans today is the “one time close”, also known as the “all-in-one,  Here you have only  one set of fees and one closing. Visit us here:

Getting pre qualified is important.   Why?  Simple.  You need to know what you can afford before you try and buy something that the underwriter will ultimately reject.  This will only service to add to your frustration and could cost you a bunch of lost money in appraisals and other fees.

Here are a few things that can help?

  • Owning the land free and clear.  This gives you a much better chance to the the best interest rate you qualify for and changes your loan to value on the transaction again adding feathers in your cap as far as the lender sees it.
  • Another factor is simply credit scores.  The higher your score, the better rate, the better the rate, the lower your payments or the  more you can afford house wise.
  • Having reserves is also another factor.  Banks want to know that if things get ugly…. you’ll have resources to respond while you figure out your finances.  example:  If you lose your job they want to know you can still make the payments for a period of time.  In some cases they want to see 6 mths in reserves, some actually want 12 months in reserves payments.
  • If you live in Bradenton, FL and are seeking information on construction loans in Bradenton, you can find them here:

    Other great sources of information can be found here:

VA loans – VA loans Sarasota

For those who have served in our armed forces, we salute you.  Outside of the other benefits you may received the Dept. of Veterans affairs has a loan guarantee program can can assist you in getting a home.

The VA home loan has certain eligibility requires which can be found here.

If you meet these requirements, you can apply and potentially be approved for a VA loan assuming you’ve met the standard loan criteria for income credit etc..

Most Veterans take advantage of this program because there down payment is flexible and goes down to zero dollars or no down payment.

The nicest aspect of this program is not only the zero down payment but the fact that you don’t have mortgage insurance on top of this which would be mandated by the FHA loan program which require 3.5% down as of the time of this article.

So, if you are a vet and could take advantage of this program, i can’t see a down side to it.  If you wish to put money down on the home to lower your payment you can.  If not, take advantage of Uncle Sams money at very reasonable and often times lower interest rates than a conventional mortgage.

The only downside to this is there is a bit more in the way of paperwork to prove eligibility and a few more other minor things that uncle sam needs to make this work for you.

As compared to other loans, the VA loan is tough to beat.

Great interest rates
No Mortgage Insurance
Zero down payment options.

Now in some cases, there is what they call a VA funding fee and this is the only “gotcha”.  It can be as high as 2% (at the time of this writing) so that is the only thing you need to consider.

If your loan amount is 100,000, then you have another 2% or $2000 to acquire this financing.

A small price to pay in most cases for all the benefits.  To learn more about VA loans Sarasota, click here.


Choosing the right mortgage products

Understanding the advantages of a reverse mortgage will have large amplifying effects and nearly life impacting to the oldster who is equity wealthy and checking account poor.

To initiate the process of this   Reverse Mortgage Florida is so easy, yet many times individuals sadly don’t try. The aim of this text is to demonstrate how straightforward it is to get a hecm/reverse mortgage.

There are the subsequent steps, step one, initiate a call and find Associate in lending to estimate of what your house is value and what you qualify for the product based on your age and also the value the approx. worth of your home.

Step two, look over the figures and verify if you think it is a wise choice or investment.

Step three ring back the loan person to further direct your actions to meet with a 3rd party counselor who naturally will answer all of your queries and assist you starting the process as well as giving you the required proof you visited w/ them.

Reverse mortgages Florida are too straight forward to qualify for as there’s no real qualification outside the year you were born and the net value of the home or condo you own… Individuals ought to completely look in to them because it simply merely is sensible to grasp your choices. you would possibly conclude the it’s not the proper monetary vehicle for you.

However reverse mortgages in Florida are the foremost common sort of mortgages for seniors owning homes where by they can benefit and advantages they provide. i might encourage you to invest 20 minutes in the videos provided.

They will assist you learn with no pressure and no stress. they’re going to change your mind while you learn. Nobody will be looking over your shoulder either. Reverse mortgages in any state now provide valuable perks but here in the state of Florida a big amount of seniors who retire here are taking advantage of them. Many seniors pay for a home in full only to get surprising expenses and then need cash. When they don’t have the cash it creates so much stress. The cash is all in there homes, that is why they jump in to a reverse mortgage when they realize it is not a big scarey monster.

 Do your own due diligence or your homework by watching these videos, do not take others word for it.

Countless seniors have enjoyed the liberty that a hecm brings them and more have enjoyed this freedom since the early 90s. Controlled by the FHA, these products are safe and regulated so you need not worry too much.

Top Air Conditioning Businesses In Naples

There are several selections when it comes to picking ac business. There is a great deal of things to consider when it comes to the certifications of the business you are wanting to employ. In the Naples area there numerous a/c specialists to pick from.

The need of this post is to mention some things that can help you decide the best choice for your air conditioning repair work / solution business.

There a couple of repair works that are rather easy and most do it your selfers can do them. The capacitor is a typical issue with the outside unit. The moment you take off the solution panel, this is a rather easy repair work and is situated at the condenser outside.

If you are not a person who would like to try repairs on your own, then it will be a great idea to look at the Naples air conditioner firms online.

Constantly make certain to do an ambient examine the company you are thinking about employing to do your job. Ensure their employees are all accredited to work with a/c devices. You would certainly be shocked how many are not. This might truly backfire on you if you are not mindful.

Some business will certainly ask for a quite reduced diagnoses cost just to obtain in the door, however beware, if the cost appears also reduced then you recognize there is something taking place.

Also, make sure to ask how long they stand be their air conditioner repair works, the standard is 1 year. So make certain to opt for an individual which goes to the very least going to support their help at the very least one year.

Here is a brief video of our NaplesBradenton air conditioning business of selection:


There are lots of choices when it comes to selecting ac firm. There is a lot of things to take into consideration when it comes to the qualifications of the company you are looking to employ. Always make certain to do a background check on the firm you are considering employing to do your work.

Michael Carter-Williams….Rookie of the Year?

Should Michael Carter – Williams at the rookie of the year? Of course he should. Even though he was on a losing team the numbers he put up this year for a rookie could only compete with Oscar Robertson and Magic Johnson, Who had two of the greatest rookie seasons there are. Forget rookies…the guys playing like an all star. His team is isn’t any good but it doesn’t mean that he should be disqualified from the prize. On the contrary I think the fact that he is on a bad team makes his great playing stick out even more and he provided a service to his team…unfortunately it wasn’t enough. Either way the guy had an outstanding rookie season and no other rookies could even compete with him.   I know people are trying to make this a tight race but in reality it is not even close. Victor Oladipo is the only person that can even be compared but even he has been blown out of the water by Williams. It is time to crown the winner because clearly Williams is it.

In my opinion, this guy could be a future superstar in the making. He could one day be up there with Kevin Durant and LeBron James. Time will tell with him but you can see that the guy clearly has talent and something special. Next year I think he will be even better and give the Sixers that much more chance to compete coming off of a fantastic year and having all the potential in the world behind him.

We will see what becomes of him but he has proven that he can handle leading a team and do what he has to do to get the job done. Anyone who is being compared to Magic or Oscar has big shoes to fill but also is should be proud of that accomplishment because that is quite the compliment.

Sophmores have a tendency to slump in their second season though, so as much as we have high hopes for MCW we wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t live up to his former potential. I personally think he will live up to what people are saying about him. If he can then the Sixers might have more potential to break out and come together better as a team and improve their playing.  Either way, this guy is going to be a star in the NBA, it has been clearly seen. Michael Carter-Williams…remember that name. You will be seeing more of him in the years to come.

Choosing The Right Air Conditioning Company In Naples

There is an estimated 350 HVAC business in the Naples area. That is a bunch of firms to pick from! While some firms have actually been around a long period of time, others not a lot.

Being a sector expert myself, I can show you that numerous of the bigger companies, the ones we view on TELEVISION and in our mailbox, have actually changed hands over the last couple of years.

Since does not indicate they are any better or even worse than in the past, however it is something to bear in mind. Nowadays, there are a lot of areas to go online to look for testimonials on any firm, that it can in fact come to be an intimidating process as there are constantly great reviews and bad testimonials on everybody it appears.

There’s the truth that business could pay to have actually favorable reviews done, so that the bad assessments will drop off.

So what is the very best means to discover a Naples air conditioning company?

Among the best methods certainly is to locate a referral from someone that has some direct experience with the business you are considering. Then right here are a couple of things to think about, if you do not any individual to ask.

Have a look at how long they have been in business, just what is their far better business agency rating, are their technicians NATE licensed and does the company in fact have a bodily location. If you occur to belong to them, Angies List is likewise another good source.

Deciding on an air conditioning contractor doesn’t have to be such a job to complete.

Merely utilize some usual feeling. Never ever go with a firm that has actually obtained you over the phone or have what seems to be a”to excellent to be real” deal like a $29 tune up. You and I both know you could refrain a top quality work for that kind of money.

Here is a short video clip of a business we feel is a great one to obtain begun with:.

With the info here in this blog post, you must improve your possibilities of finding the appropriate a/c contractor for your task.


2004 homes in sarasota

Back in 2004 Homes in Sarasota,fl sky rocketed in price. The problem with the quick increase was it was unsustainable because people were flipping homes and trying to qualify based on a promise to earn income vs. actually earning it. At least that is my opinion from what I saw.

Many people thought they could buy a home, flip it and make money and looked very short term at the unfolding and unsustainable market exploding The lure of easy money for homes in Sarasota was in full swing and the suckers were lining up for the inevitable slaughter of their financial lives.

The increase was so extreme some might call it financial pornography as it was disgusting the greed of lenders, borrowers, buyers and sellers. It was as if nobody paid attention to the facts and nobody realized that homes in Sarasota could not sustain this increase over the long run without some repercussions to the masses.

So at every turn people lined up at the banks, brokers and such and borrowed what ultimately was money they could not pay back. This caused massive supply of homes and the demand could not keep up. Foreclosures started slowly then increased and then went crazy.

Things were so out of control that certain states had different lending rules vs. others as there was housing/lending discrimination by state. It’s against the law to discriminate based on race or creed or sexual orientation but apparently it was okay to discriminate by state.

Florida was one of the hardest hit states and a few out west which has had massive appreciation faced the same stringent set of rules. The sad part was the losers were the hard working middle class which is usually the case.

How? Well when the govt started bailing out banks with fake money (all money is simply electronic decimals in a system based on faith in the US govt), wow just typing that makes me laugh. The US and all governments are among the most corrupt organizations that exist. So to put your faith in this organization we call the US government, well that is just sad but all we have to work with here in the states.

Back to how the middle class lost, well when the govt made more money out of thin air, inflation increased making the purchasing power of a dollar less today than it was 10 years ago. They call it quantitative easing, they are easing us in to a dependent poverty state where t hey make rules that are simply best for them, their pensions, their health care etc.

So, if you want to get a head and ensure long term financial security homes in Sarasota are a good investment as long as you can pay your mortgage should you not be able to rent them. Buying homes in bradenton and homes in Sarasota could pay long term dividends now that lending rules only allow those who can actually afford them to buy them.

What is fantasy football looking like this coming year?

Fantasy fans out there get excited. This year is going to be the best year yet. Last year was total chaos and craziness with players we relied on not doing well and then other players totally coming out of nowhere and making a huge impact. I believe the same is going to happen this year. Except, I think that it’s going to be a little bit different. I think it will be a little easier because we have players that will, in my opinion, be more consistent with last year’s trends. For example players that were top 10 wide receivers last year will most likely be top 10 wide receivers again this year. Maybe not all of them but I think most of them will be consistent. Then there are rookies…nobody can predict how well they will do. But I think that there might be some gold in the rookies. It’s a little early to figure out where people are going to be going but maybe people, such as Johnny Manziel, will be going to a team that they are able to thrive on. Then there are other factors such as injuries…this is always a fun one. Players like Percy Harvin who miss most of the season yet appeared a champion in the Super Bowl. (check out the seahawks wide receiver here) What will he do this coming fantasy season? Will Calvin Johnson finally score more touchdowns this year? What quarterback is going to emerge as the best? These are all things that we have to consider. But I like to look at the past you predict the future. I feel that we can be pretty accurate with our picks in decisions based on past years trends. Obviously last year was not consistent with that but most years have been.

I think that if you’re going to win your fantasy football see you then you have to take some risks. You can’t always stick with the safe players. For example, last year I drafted Victor Cruz. He was the biggest bust on my team. Do you think I will drive to Victor Cruz again? No way. But what if he blows up this year and has an amazing fantasy season? Well there is no way to tell but he is not a risk that I am willing to take. I will look at players who are coming off hot Seasons and are trending upward though. For example, Josh Gordon. He was one of the top fantasy receivers last year in at the beginning of the season he was a nobody. He is somebody that I would draft no matter who is quarterback is because you know he’s going to score you points. If you want to win your league then this is the way you have to think. Maybe though, you do go with a couple risks. Lake say you decide to pick up Chris Johnson as one of your main running backs because he’s with the new team and you think he’s going to thrive. That could pay off for you. But there is also a risk that he won’t produce like he has in the past because of his surroundings or the fact that he just isn’t as good as he used to be. All these things must be taken into account.

The bottom line is that you need to think when you draft this year. There are a lot of variables to your drafts and you don’t know who other people are going to be targeting but you have to think differently than that. Take it from me. I won my league last year because I thought differently. It paid off in the long run. What do you think I’m going to do this coming year? I’m going to do all the same things I did last year and hope I get the same results. But you know how it goes, nothing is easy to predict in the NFL. 

How to purchase the right AC unit.

Purchasing the right size hvac system is in your best interest if you don’t want humidity issues. Using the right air conditioning companies wont hurt either.

Having just the right size of unit for your home will productively and successfully keep you and your family comfortable all summer long it will also save you money as air conditioning repairs are expensive.

Cooling systems that are too enormous utilize more power and don’t remove the necessary humidity. Picking the right size aeration and cooling system only takes a few minutes and a tape measure.

Measure the square footage of the room that you’ll want to keep cool. Utilize a measuring tape to measure the length and width of the room. Transfer these estimations on your paper.

In the event that the room is not square or rectangular, partition the room into segments made out of squares and triangles and take those estimations.

Ascertain the square footage of the room. For a square or rectangular room, increase the length by the width. In the event that your room is some other shape, discover the square footage of the triangular areas by increasing 0.5 x length x width and entirety each of the square and triangular segments to focus the aggregate square footage of the room.

Focus the square footage of each one room of your home on the off chance that you are acquiring a focal cooling framework. Investigating your property charge articulation or reaching your province reviewer’s office is an alternate approach to figure out the aggregate square footage of your home. Don’t incorporate territories, in the same way as the storm cellar, that won’t be cooled.

Also be sure you determine if you have single pane or double pane windows as that could make a big difference in the size, what about the exposure of the sun, the color of the shingles and the amount of shade. All this plays a major role in how hard it is too cool your house.

Here is a basic rule of thump. For every 400 sq. feet have 1 ton or 12000 btus of air conditioning.

There for a 2400 sq. foot house would equal 2400/400 or 6 tons of air. The only problem there is they don’t make 6 ton residential units or at least they are very hard to get and are not cost effective to the homeowners.  Learn more about sarasota ac here.